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Sheffield United have 'parted company' with Kevin Blackwell after today's humiliating 3-0 defeat at home to QPR.

To many in the country it will seem premature, but United fans will know that this decision was made based upon much more than just the first three games of the season.

A successor will have the remaining weeks of August to finalise the squad, but anybody hoping for an overhaul will be left disappointed.

The decision to remove the coach after exactly 30 months in the job.

No doubt, a number of names will be thrown into the hat for the job, but Gary Speed is the one that will stick out to many as a potential successor.

The big question will be over the timing, when a decision could have been made at the start of the summer.

More to follow...


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The Journalist

Writer: Shepsblade Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday August 14 2010

Time: 7:23PM

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nice to see he got plenty of time.
Well, that came as a surprise! I did wonder what McCabe & Birch would do after 10 games if things weren't going well, but TWO league games?? Clearly lots of things happening behind the scenes must have prompted this. Reducing the wage budget by half must have put a huge strain on the relationship, and of course the infamous Blades fans didnt like him. Bringing in frees and loans and still talking about challenging for promotion was clearly unrealistic, but the clearest sign from McCabe & Birch that things were going to change was their refusal to let Swans talk to Speed. He will probably now be favourite to take over. He's here, he's cheap and most important of all the fans like him, despite the fact that he has no experience whatsoever. I really hope we are not tempted to take the easy route on this one. We need an experienced manager at Championship level, personally my favourite would be the guy just up the road, but could he handle the pressure?
Having wanted him out the whole time now I feel a little bit lost that he's actually gone. what's next? In fairness, Blackwell's not the best manager but still did a great job with the limited resources (and intelligence) he had. We do have to thank him for saving us from Robson and all that but it's also time to move on. The board obviously had this in mind for quite a while thus Blackie's not allowed to spend a penny and Speed wasn't allowed to speak to Swans. Also I wouldn't blame everything solely on Blackwell, I believe that McCabe needs to go too. Heard that a Maltese businessman will take over by next week and he wants Brown or Warnock as our manager. Warnock won't come and I really don't want Brown. Also, I can see Speed doing a McCall and leaves for some League One team after failing to get the job.
come on get in now we can move on!!! this is a great result and will see many fans come back now blackwell has gone....THERE'S ONLY 1 MARTIN ONEIL!!!
Heard it on Radio 5 around Birmingham, couldnt believe it. TWO games? Must be a great deal more to this than one bad result. Lots of things fall into place now, Speed not allowed to talk to Swansea, Blackwells outbursts, players missed out on - Conolloy, Bruce that we know of - the usual hatred from Blades fans, budget reduced by half. Speed will be the fans favourite, but I am with Bilbo, Shawn O'Driscol for me. Problem is his persona as the front man, and as soon as the knowledgeable Kopites start to get upset with him he will be off.
So Gleadless, & BFL you were confirmed Blackwell haters, who do you want to replace him? Ignoring BFL's usual ridiculous fantasy of O'Neil, Erickson, etc, can we look beyond Speed?
..........unless the rumoured Far East "Interest" has more to it than we know, and the new investor(s) have insisted on a high profile manager - eg Martin O'Neil - who has been tapped up, resigned from Villa awaiting Blackie to vacate before being announced as the new manager of SUFC!!! Couldn't happen....could it?????
i like speed and i think he could do a he the right man for the job NOW? does he have what it takes technacially and emotionally? most important the owners need a manager that they trust...obviuslly they didn't trust blackwell would they trust speed (blackies apprentice)...i like speed but to be fair i think it's too much for him too early. If he doesn't get the job he will be off lets be fair he has only stopped around becuse he knew this was going to happen sooner than later. spedo is by far the favourite and the cheap option....BUT.....So was blackwell 2.5 years ago and look where that got us. The chairman needs to think where he wants the club to be then when he's made his mind up he needs to appoint a manger to meet those ambitions accordingly. Lets look at this logically o'neil is well well out of the running...but.....the club could make a massive step forward here and turn a very dark and gloomy corner. If and it's a massive if glouc before you start rambling.....If the club appoints o'neil as manager what sort of reaction would that send out to the footballing world, the press interest, player interest, player pulling power, assistant manager interest...but more importantly the fans interest. O'Neil as manager would put 10,000 extras on the gate and would generate a huge buzz around the club. This appointment gHAS to be right this time for the clubs future and to reamin an excellent fan base...otherise it's all going to go pare shaped very very soon. By going on todays performance nothing has changed and it was relegation dog fodder.
we need to be ambitious in our next appointment!!! o'neil & curbishly are my 2 favoured appointments followed by the realistic appointment of o'driscoll.
Have you been taking drugs again pigforlife!
Thankyou, sheps, for your poll and the biggest laugh I've had in a long while - "Boo whilst clapping"
Auckland Owl
i would have Warnock back tomorrow, he wouldnt come of course but he should never have gone in the first place.
What a joke....having sold 33m worth of talent since our relegation and having took the west ham and parachute money we have a squad which is not worthy of calling itself a championship side. I have afforded Blackwell alot of patience during his reign and have longed for a change in manager. However, i do question who could manage the excuse for a team that we currently have. The blame lies solely with the board for me. If you dont want him or think he's not good enough then dont let him waste the excuse of a budget that we have. Its just plain embarrasing sacking him after 2 games. Then they have the cheek of saying that we (the fans) are the reason why we cant afford any players! More of us need to buy season tickets so we can afford the wages of 2nd rate players. They have got everything they deserve. Keep selling the players and eventually you will end up in league1. By the way, get real on getting any 'name' on the manager front, we cant afford any players let alone enticing a manager from any club. Fast losing interest and its gimps like me that keep this club going. Today was a disgrace and not one of them deserve their wages.
And the dirty piggies return to see what the big brother is doing again....hows it going down there in the 3rd division you set of inbreads??.....furthermore to the manager name - we have to be realistic and like the mass majority of blades fans o'driscoll for me has to be the man to come in and save us.....fact is we will be one of the best footballing sides in the division within 6 months...lets be fair with all the problems a good maned manager is not of a radar.....look at peter reid managing in the lower leagues!!!! even wendy managed to get irvin who granted isn't a big name but still a dam good experienced manager at the level they are at. O'DRISCOLL FITS THE BILL FOR ME AND SOMEONE IV'E PINNED FOR TO COME TO THE LANE FOR THE LAST 18 MONTHS. Will we go in for him?? will little old donny try and price us out??....we can guarantee that donny won't want to let him go and will try every trick in the book to keep him but it's up to the big wiggs (apparentely life long blades fans)....and the clubs officials to get the right man now...warnock took us as far as he could and we thank him...nobson was a silly appointment and blackwell was a quick, cheap and very easy appointment...this one has to be right i carn't stress that enough.
could we lure billy davis away from forest? something just doesn't seem right with him there at the moment and it's been doccumented that he's not happy...2 back to back defeats for them too so him might be under some pressure. My mate says that o'driscolls contract runs out in the this true anyone??
Curbushley, the manager of WHU who had Tevez in his team, whose beloved club were taken to the cleaners by McCabe, the same Curbushley who slagged Sheffield United off on TV and in the press? Curbushley who thinks the M1 ends at Luton? Stop and think bfl.
Yes, bfl, we are in the third division, and as I type only eight places or so below you in the second. We may be even closer together after the Wh*te Sh*te and Forest have played. Did you boo whilst clapping today?
Auckland Owl
I think we need to take a little time over the appointment rather than panic and make another poor snap decision (Robson) or go for the cheap option (Blackwell). I'd personally like to see Speed be given the job on a temporary basis. Give him until Xmas and see how he's doing. If it doesn't work than look to O'Drisscoll for me.The problem for the incoming manager is the fact that Blackwell has filled our squad with average League 1 players - Andy Taylor, Ryan France and even Monty and Quinn on today's performance.
Welcome back, Auckland, you were noticably absent from our page last season, why was that I wonder? We all missed your sharp wit and stunning repartee, you are obviously feeling much more confident about your team now that you have put the giants of Dagenham and Roadbridge to the sword, and earned a great away point at Colchester.
What's that? Pigs getting a LOWER crowd at Bramall Lane for a Championship game against QPR than Wednesday, little old Wednesday, against little old Dagenham and Redbridge in League One. Oh dear oh dear. I knew the Premier League hangers on would trot off sooner rather than later. Watch those crowds dwindle! Only one club in Sheffield. UP THE OWLS
Division 3, newman. Johnstone Paint land, laughable.
TheBladesWay has it exactly right. Blackwell has his faults and the style of football he has the team play leaves alot to be desired However, on balance given what he's had to play with he's done a half decent job. The real issue is the top management of the club - McCabe at al - frankly for the last four years it has been nothing short of incompetent. Sacking the manager after 2 league games - one and away draw with 10 men for 45 minutes against a side highly fancied for promotion and the other admittedly a dysmal home defeat - is just another example. Either he wasn't good enough before the season started or he should have been given longer. My guess is that like me and many other fans Blackwell is sick to the back teeth of McCabe and is glad to be on his way. Things are not going to get any better until the club has new ownership. As far as fans not buying season tickets - again only one person is to blame - McCabe.
how about Chris Wilder? right age, cheap, upcoming young manager. knows the club knows the fans knows the expectations, i'd have him with Speed as assistant,
Just a final few words - please do not bel;ieve any of the drivel that will come out of BDTBL this week. We all know that teh top management of the club cannot be trusted e.g. what happened to the "we've learned the lessons from last season" yet still we have a threadbare squad, more to the point what has happend to all the cash that's come into teh club for the past 4 years?????
Division 3, newman. Johnstone Paint land, laughable. gloucblade And that just makes it all the worse for you, doesn't it? I love it. Slumbering in the third tier of English football and we're still bigger than the pigs. Always have been, always will be. Ta ta.
Maradona said that he wants to work in England, maybe we can try for him again and end up getting Alex Sabella...
newman-pig!! it was the first home game of the season and to be fair you have brought in loads of new expensive players for league 1 so you lot of full off optisum....on the flip side we are going through a bad patch at the moment where we are getting sold down the river....forgetting about what leagues we are playing in the poor relations are far more optimistic this season. lets see what wendy's pull in for there next home match eh before we start bragging you bunch of payment dodging scrubbers!!
bilboblade - if you think chris wilder is our answer than you want your bleeding head seeing to....lower league managers never make the step up and if you think warnock, nobson and blackwell were bad, just wait and see what we would be like under wilder. christ that really is scraping the barrell. what sort of players would wilder attract? come on if we want to improve and change our style of football and progress in the right direction than we need a decent manager...o'driscoll has proved himself massively with limited funds and tight budgets so he should be the boards no1 choice. The only concern for me is that he has a job for life at the lane he would be under pressure to succeed. If we finished midtable this season he may be moved on regardless...however i feel the board has to back the next manager. no point giving speed a 6 month contract to prove himself because thats no good....we either have to back speed with a 2-3 year deal or move him on.
o'driscoll has to be our no1 choice. a great manager...a great manager with no money...used to working with very limited budgets...loves to play football...has an eye for a bargain..and would be a huge hit with the fans. O'Driscoll would bring everything to the lane that the club and fans are craving for...the most important thing is that he is very very affordable and he wouldn't have to change his life in terms of moving house so his private life would have no impact on the move to the lane.....I really hope we go in for him with all guns blazing....the club should be looking at getting him place within the next 48 hours. he would probably bring his own management team in so this would signal the depature of big sam..(thank *****)...and probably speed unfortunately.
been away for the weekend so missed all the fun at the circus! I cant deny im glad KB has gone - i will say hes done well at reducing the wage bill and keeping the team fairly competitive (although we all knew early last season play offs wouldnt happen and wont this season) but the negatives are his football was completely disgusting (managers with less at disposal make better teams and attractive teams), hes wasted a lot of money that he has had (hendo, howard, yeates) and has fallen out with countless players (cotts, gillespie, su ji, killa, monts, morgs, ward, kenny need i go on)...he has had his hands tied by the board nad this decision should have been taken after burnley, two games in is embarrasing but i dont think anyone can get away with "losing at hartlepool is a blessing in disguise" then be three down in 20 mins - KB knew the job when he took it on, he knew he was there to cut costs and keep the going etc so he cant complain...time to move the exciting bit or not...i fully expect speed will be next manager - why else keep him in the summer (i said that if they sacked KB after derby at home last year speed wouldve had 15 games so we couldve seen if he cut it)...if i had my realistic choice i would push hard for davies at forest with o driscol as second choice (my outside third choice would be john hughes at hibs- did a cracking job at falkirk (got a mate up there) adn has done well at hibs)- however i think all will be out of reach as a) the baord wont be putting money in for compensation and b) why come to lane when you wont have a budget to compete with...this could ptentially be a sign that investment may be comng in but i doubt it - from what i gather blackwell out chants got stronger and boards usually sack before the chant gets to them...I think we need to face facts - unless investment is imminent, we are in this league for a while - the squad is probably good enough playing a decent way to be mid table this year and build from thne on in - for me i think speed could be worth a gamble - theres not much decent managers out there who would look at the job and think yep, id love to rebuild a club over the next three four years..whereas speed could have a go, if it doesnt come off hes not really lost anything as he can say there was naff all budget and interference - plus from uniteds point of view its the cheap easy option - i dont want to be too synical but united are built on the cheap easy option...what we do need is, and i was never his fan, but we need another warnock - someone who can build a team slowly but gradually and in a way so that supporters can see progression each year - he did a cracking job...and the big error was robson!
You lot are so funny, what on earth makes you think any of the names you are coming up with will be remotely interested, you are living in cloud cuckoo land, even O'driscoll would say no without thinking, Rovers have far better prospects and although not a supporter I must admit they like to play the game the way it should be (just for your benefits that is on the floor and to feet using players inbetween called a midfield) his style of football is a million miles from yours, you will hope speed has a good run now and appoint him, he will be cheep and as you are struggling every penny needs to be spent on the pitch, you have laughed at our demise, what goes around and all that....
Donny Owl
all of a sudden the pigs can't stay away off our site you lot cry when we come on here. now ***** off back to league 1 sike a good little boy!!
useful donny cheers for that
I think they should make pigforlife the next manager....he is so knowledgeable about football lol.
Oh but wait....I forgot that you blades fans hate him more than you hate Blackpoor lol
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cliffpig!!
bladesforlife1889, you are a boring t*rd, nobody gives a flying funk what you think. Keep your tedious musing off our site please c*ckrot.
bladeforlife... You are not on the pigs page now, slagging them off with your obcene language. As usual you have got your facts totally wrong, I NEVER SAID I WANTED WILDER AS MANAGER, read (if you can) my posts, then I will accept your apology.
you were right aucklandoinker, i bet he was booing and clapping.
bladesforlife1889 it was me who said wilder, im not saying that he is the perfect choice, what im saying is that in reality we all know what our board is like and if were going for a cheap option(which is more than likely) then someone who a) the fans know and b) knows the club has got to be better than some no-mark who thinks he's hit the big time. i would love O'Neill but im not that deluded to think we have that much ambition.
Whilst the latest club statement says there is no hurry, I am betting that the decision is already made. I expect Gary Speed to get the job, there is just too much coincidence in the refusal to allow Swansea to speak to him this time around, having allowed him to go for interview just a season ago. Personally I would welcome the appointment and give him total support, however I believe for the longer term Sean O'Driscoll would be the right appointment for the club. For OD to rebuild the team to play his way will take longer than most fans would be prepaired to put up with, he doesnt come across very well with the media and how would he cope with the pressure that the unrealistic Blades fans would subject him to if we didnt win the league by 10 points in his first season? OD is used to working with tight budgets, has used the loan market very skillfully and however tight the cash is at BDTBL its would be a great deal more than he has at the moment. I also think he would be a manager the fans would LIKE - dare I say that! - no, lets not get carried away. But here's one right out of left field for you - a friend who reckons to be ITK ( he told me about Naysmith weeks before he left) says there is some early betting on the USA national coach, Bradley. Please Gleadless, dont mention Billy Davies again, you must have a very short memory on how his teams play. Anyway, he would need an interpreter with him.
rag week is it bilboblade?
Might be able to tempt Laws away from Burnley?? Seriously you need to be realistic in what you can offer to any new manager as they will want funds to bring in some new players before the transfer window closes and time is running out, even Utd fans must admit Irvine brought in some good players over the Summer with no money whatsoever but the lure of playing for such a big prestigous club is a big one, shame Blackwell couldn't do the same, maybe he tried but they preferred to go to the biggest club in Sheffield?? I liked the Utd fan on 606 Saturday who said Utd will never be as big as Wednesday, at last a Utd fan in the real world. Anyway, good luck with the search and hope you get the manager you deserve, if we don't swop leagues next year hope you stay up so we can play you again next season.
Phil Brown is being banded around a lot. I hope to god that's not true. Whoever it is I'd just like to see united playing some entertaining football. What's the point in buying a player like Britton unless we're going to use him? KB had like Howard, Harper, Sharp, but his style of play completely nullified them. Even if it takes 3 seasons to start realistically challenging for promotion I wouldn't mind as long as the focus was on entertaining football and developing excellent youth players through the academy.
According to BBC Sport our new manager is......... Gary Speed. I didn't see that coming! ;)
yup, just been on sky sports news. so much for taking time over this one. im happy with the choice tho
Evil Blade
bfl, you dont even have the good grace to apologise, do you. The pigs are right about you.
to be honnest im a little bit dissapointed that we haven't gone for someone like o'driscoll he would be the fans choice and would be a massive success. he would have much more to work with in terms of squad capability and funds......but the board decide so nothing we can do. Also think southgate would be a very good appointment but again the board don't seem to be looking in these directions. Overall i do think speed will do a decent job, he's young, ambitious and was a great player so you would imagine he has some excellent contacts in the game and i think he will be able to pull players in due to his successful proffesional career. I happy for speed he deserves this and he young something the blades have never had is a new manager!!! if we didn;t give him the job than it would have been very unfair as he could have been names the new manager of swansea several times over in the last 12 months. one thing you can guarantee is that if speed is very successful he will be sort after accross the country.
bilbo go and boil your head and side with the pigs again!!
sorry a young manager that was meant to say
where there is no sense there's no feeling, idiot.
just heard that speed is looking at bringing in alan shearer as his number two also allowing him to keep his loyalties on match of the day......very interesting....First thing speed needs to do is get ellis as far away from the club as possible!!
OK so it is going to be Speed according to Sky and BBC sources. KB's sacking came as a total shock to me. I was actually quitely confident of a top 8 finish with Blackwell, however, the size of the squad would have made a top 6 finish very difficult. So who is to blame? Well last year both KB and KM bemoaned finishing in the play offs as it cut down the time to sign players. Can't make that excuse this year, they have had the whole summer. But in their defence with a miniscule budget they have managed to get some useful names onboard e.g. Britton. Boggy, Bartley, Nossy, Simo. No, I think this is something to do with KBs attitude/personality. I have not liked the guy personally since a post game interview where he berated Seth Bennet. I think we all heard the real Blackwell then and it raised its ugly head on a number of other occasions. My bet is that with all the budget constraints placed on him he has been a little too vocal and the ugly side has reared to the Board. My concern with SUFC at the moment is the fans. Speed will be liked to start with just like Shearer was at Newcastle, then when we go through a few bad patches a few people will start a wave of disapproval, just because we are impatient d*cks who love to moan. Maybe if we stick by him he will eventually get us promoted like Warnock did. But now, a year in the prem and a vocally ambitious board has raised expectations to an all time high; how likely is it we will stand by Speed for 6 years?? I think KM would have stood by KB like he did with Warnock but he has the wrong personality. Looking forward to Boro on Sunday!!
PRESS CONFERENCE CALLED FOR 3PM BY THE CLUB!!!....Obviouslly speed has the job the big question now is who is he going to bring in as his no2 or will he stick with the waste of space sam ellis.
"I have not liked the guy personally since a post game interview where he berated Seth Bennet." Surely that's a reason to like him even more sonofglouc? ;) I CANNOT stand Seth Bennet!! He just infuriates me. He doesn't let anyone speak if they don't hold the same opinion as him and he constantly backed Blackwell no matter what. On Sat, when talking about the unfairness of Blackwell's sacking, he said "The only difference between the Cardiff and QPR games were the scorelines." The man actually said that!!! What a ridiculous statement! Sorry to go off topic but I just HATE Seth bloody Bennet. Rant over.
OK maybe the Seth example was not the best. I was fully behind KB and wasn't one of the boo boys but basically what I am now saying is that Blackwell is a moron...Agreed?! Oh and Ellis wasn't the sharpest tool in the SUFC box either!
PRESS CONFERENCE put back until tuesday afternoon now.....mmmmm interesting something's gone a miss there!!
Apparently Ellis has left his post along with Blackwell so no need for us to worry about him being Speed's No 2.
Bloody hell, you have one day away...and chaos! Couple of things; 1) Even though Speed is 99% confirmed, O'Driscoll would love it and that's a fact, not supporters opinion. 2) Speed's cheap, and well respected, so on the forefront it's a very good appointment, hoping that he's taken more from his time under the likes of Bobby Robson, than Kevin Blackwell. 3) I think I'm more pleased to see the back of Ellis than Blackwell, I couldn't stand that man & with Speed, there's the chance of a fairly high profile number 2. 4) The Wednesday lot are only arguing because they're disappointed. They loved Blackwell in charge, they're getting a similar manner to that day they got relegated....but who cares they've got the biggest ground in League 1!
You should know better than to have time off where SUFC are concerned, Sheps! The appointment of a really strong number two for Speed is almost as important as his own appointment. SOD wont come in as a number two, so that is a non starter but someone like Steve Clarke would be a really shrewd move.
And as for the Wendy lot and their opinions, well frankly who cares about a third division bankrupt bunch of tax dodgers.
Still think they should have given pigforlife the job...oh wait I have just spoken to Gary Speed and he says pigforflife is the bigest number 2 he has ever seen in his life! He's not wrong there is he lol.
Alan Shearer as number two!? he wouldnt be able to fit us in between TV appearances! and the new manager certainly wouldnt want to be upstaged by the arrogant, self promoting geordie. Another nonsense rumour.
Plus his short stint as Newcastle manager does not suggest he's a great tactician!!!
that's why being a number 2 may more suit him and his other jobs he has. it would be a great coupe for us and we would become an interested club if we had a speed and shearer partnership!! it's going to be very interesting who speed will want to bring in as his no2!!!therewere rumours about southgate as manager....another name that would have done a good job.....i do rate him and he was unfortunate at boro to get the boot (they were 3rd in the table at that point).
There has been no speculation about Speeds no.2 anywhere. I'd go for Steve Clarke, but what about Dean Saunders? Is Speed lining up one of his old playing colleagues?

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