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Morgan Set to Miss Season

Sheffield United were dealt a crippling blow yesterday when it was announced Chris Morgan could miss the remainder of the season.

Morgan had a scan on a knee injury picked up at the weekend, and fears were confirmed when it was revealed a cruciate ligament problem, an injury that will not only see him miss the rest of the season, but one which could threaten his career, as he enters the latter stages.

At a time when the Blades are looking for leadership and character on the field, losing Morgan becomes a double blow, and it will require another senior member to step up to the plate.

Boss Speed said of the injury:

i>'It's a massive blow for both Chris and the Club and realistically we won't see him in action again until pre-season training next July.

'The lads we have that can play in the central defender's role will miss his experience and spirit, but I'm sure they will do all in their power to make up for his absence.'

With numbers in defence already thin on the ground, Speed will be looking to bolster his ranks with a signing to cover the skipper's absence.

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The Journalist

Writer: Shepsblade Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday November 3 2010

Time: 11:10AM

Your Comments

just continues to get worse. any truth that reid has done his hamstring as well?
Anyone care to guess how many of the starting back four on Saturday we will actually own?? What was all that cr*p about having learned lessons from last year's reliance on loans???
'the blades way'
I heard tuesdAy Reid was injured but not spoke to my mate since so can't confirm it or not....we knew that we don't own many players even calve and Jordan go at the end of the season! Personally think we'll see a bit of investment in January as his squad isn't good enough and is heading down
don't think it's heading down at all but with us lot you never we can expect is mid to lower table so im predicting us finishing roughly 14th place
wouldnt be surprised if we sold hendo and yates in january followed by loaning out evans and ward!! and brought if 4 *****e loan signings...thats the blades way....macabes way after all!!...they yes will will probably go down and then wonder why!!
There's an interesting piece on the Watford page about their finances. About player sales etc still resulting in a loss due to lower income from television money etc. It's affecting everybody, and as poor as things are at the minute, I do think we'll benefit in the long run. However, I just wish we would admit we're going through a transitional period rather than absurd stats...."Well, in the last four years we've had the joint 2nd highest wage bill in the football legue" It will be something ridiculous like that soon. As for Morgan, big loss. Big big loss. He looked slow at the weekend, but what he gives the team is much more than just his footballing performance. I do feel we need a permanent replacement, and one who will cost a few quid. It's not ideal, but an outlay here is vital. You can't build a defence on the cheap, which we're proving. I solid centre-half in the Matt Mills mould (we wouldn't get Mills obviously), a spark in midfield to play in front of Britton and a forward who will attack the bloody ball, and I honestly think we'd have a squad capable of challenging. That's how narrow the margins are in this league.
Change that - a team capable. We're a long way off a squad.
why wouldnt we get matt mills if we were seriouslly interested in him. donny a bigger club? they wouldn'y be able to ask for too much money due to his contract term and we would blow donnys wages out of the water.
No, but considering he's at Reading, it may prove a stumbling block if we're putting bids to Sean O'Driscoll
Gleadless and I posted many times in the pre season that the next two seasons - at least - would be tough and very transitional. I guess the club had to make all the right noises about challenging or ST sales would have really bombed, and that ST income was vital if further budget cuts were not to be made. Fans expectation levels are still unrealistically high given the bunch of players we have and a novice manager. Speed has a real job on to keep us in this division never mind challenge for anything. He's learning the hard way and we are suffering with him. I want to see him settle with a style of play, I dont accept that players cant adapt to different styles, we saw the potential at Derby and flashes in other games. Confidence is very low, we need a goal to go in off sombodys backside or a lucky penalty (what are those?) right now just to get a win.
so why dont we just go and sign DeMerit as a stright replacement for morgs, he's a free agent, nobody took him on, and he looks like going back to the MLS or what ever it is. Pesonally i think the job is too big for Speed, he needed to cut his teeth somewhere where the expectations aren't so high, with a squad capable of competing wuth the top teams in the league. we obviously dont have that squad, and also dont seem to be able to adapt. He(speed) also needs to look at the 4-3-3 bollox, it just doesnt work.
I really don't understand all this "transition" talk. As I've said before Warnock isn't taking 2 seasons to transition QPR (and no he hasn't spent a fortune). Norwich haven't spent seasons transitioning, Blackpool likewise. The truth is with a shrewd manager and just a little financial backing you can make an impact in this division. We may or may not have a shrewd manager he certainly does not have financial backing. Furthermore "transitioning" implies that we have a goal, a timescale to achieve it in and visible signs that we are progressing. I put it to you that none of these are visible at the Lane. All the signs are that McCabe has run out of cash, ideas and interest. The millions that have been generated via the football side of the club have been wasted on ill fated property ventures. We are saddled with debt and that makes any investment from outside unlikely. The fans are disillusioned (who can blame them) and the gates are dropping. The result is that we are sliding into decline - Division 1 is a real prospect.
no ***** sherlock!!
maybe we should buy mills from donny hey bfl?!?!?
HO HO HO merry xmas gleadless
i just cant take you serious sometimes bfl - mills at donny and theother week it was that reserve game that you said youd been to when it was at another ground....i often agree but when you think mills is at donny when he left for a load of money 18 months ago i worry
Did we miss Morgs today or what. No leadership on the field.
its taken you a long time to work out that he makes it up gleadless
agre glou the only leadership was from bartley...monts is no captain - bartley is a natural leader you can see it when he starts bossing people hes confident and tahts what we need right now..speed wouldnt go far wrong giving that lad the responsibility for the rest of the season
didnt feel it was too bad yesterday - they deserved a point just very poor defending twice - butif they can keep a settled back four and bring n wright for the goalie if think that back line will be ok - nos, to say he has an injury, i thought was good adn bartley grew into the game..some positives i thought - we just need a striker or two
not that bad?? what game were you at?? that's why people were leaving before half time...i have never left before half time but i did on saturday i lasted 40 mins (when they were gifted their second goal)....also have i never stayed seated when we scored but again i did on saturday.
maybe you sholdnt bother coming back - the club needs fans to back tem right wasnt brilliant but weve all seen far worse than that last season under blackwell...who stays seated whne weve equalised????!!!!
perhaps so.....along with thousands more and if i hadn't already got my season tickets believe me i wouldn't, and no i don't think we whitnessed worse than this under blackwell last season. At least under blackwell it was ***** to watch but we ground our results....we have nothing about our game at the moment, its awfull to watch and even worse we have no fight in what so ever. there were thousands there on sat that was there because they have already commited themselves with season tickets, truth be know most would rather be elsewhere. With all the discounts the club have issued so far for home game and may i add i dont think there has been one home game yet where the club havent put deals on...that says it all..the club are just wanting bums on seats. so far buying a season ticket at the start of the season has worked out slightly more expensive than what it would have done with the club offers so far....Not good from season ticket holders pospectives. All the grit, effort, passion, work ethic, and determination has vanished from the pitch and its now spread onto the terraces. we have major problems at the lane problem is that majority of blades fans refuse to admit exactly how bad the situation really is. I didn't think i would be saying this but i'd give speed until after the xmas busy period and see where we are placed and what improvements are visible. If we are still in the same league position and turning in non performances on a weekly basis as we are doing now then i see no option but to sack him and admit making yeat another managerial mistake. If we don't and the board are stubbon then you have to weigh this up against relegation to league 1, beleive me the differences financially would be crippling. Be some what ambitious and bring on O'Driscoll for me he's our only saviour to deliver what we all are craving for and he's used to working on a very small budget!!!
Also if macabe doesn't like what majority of blades fans are saying then he needs to come to the table and explain what the hell is happening and start communicating with the fans. The relationship between the fans and the board is non existant and there is a lot of ill feeling towards macabe at the moment...they are telling us nothing and in most cases lying to us also as they go along. We are not a million miles behind the s6 comedy club financially we just don't realise it yet because macabe is very good at hiding things and dressing them up.
how have we ended up so financially crippled so quickly? That's the big question that no one can answer when you take into account all the dealings at the club in the last 5 years. assets sold off are far far far more greater than what's been brought in and on top of that we have had parachute paymets, west sham money and average gates of over 26,000 for the last 4 seasons. whers all the money gone....explain???
now all the idiots who slag off morgan are going to realise how much the team rely on not just his defensive ability but also his leadership. united dont have a leader, monty hasnt got two brain cells to rub together and isnt respected by the rest of the players. gleadless is right, barts is the natural captain but i doubt speedo would give it to him, more likely cressy.
so you want a player that is on loan to be the club captain??? are you for real? what sort of message would that send out the the rest of the players? what a stupid comment to make!!....think you want to question your own brain cells before attacking our longest serving player who played out of his skin last year. A loan player that we don't even own to be made club captain for the season?....Doubt it that this has ever been done before. If barts was our player than yes i agree otherwise it wouldn't be moralry right!!
too much emphasis is puton who is captain in this country - nowhere else worries about what if he is on loan..morgs is club captain that doesnt change just captain on the field changes
plusit might be a way of keepinga loan player enthused for the season rather than stopping in april (ala halford) so that they dont get injured
Monty isnt and never will be a captain, he isnt bright enough. He didnt play out of his skin, just did what he gets paid to do and maximises the very limited ability he has. Bartley as captain isnt a stupid comment at all. We have NO leaders on the pitch and in case you had missed it we are one point above the relegation zone, perhaps a radical decision or two is needed right now though I dont think it will happen.
You are happy with Monty as skipper eh BFL, now your whipping boy Morgan is out for the season, no doubt this pleases you.
doesn't matter what i say you will always disagree your that way out, so no point even commenting. Everyone praised Monty last season even you glouc, now you are slating him...don't get it. Since monty has come back we have looked a better unit. Like i've said if barts was our player (which will never happed) then fair enough make him captain....but no way is it right to give the captains arm band to a loan player that isn't a blades player and never will be in a million years. It's moraly wrong!!! ....And would be a first. Another silly comment regards to morgs, just because he hoofs the ball into row zz every week, doesn't think at all and makes numerous mistakes aswell as being a thug....I would never wish an injury on a player. Take morgs physical side away from him and what have we got? yes he's a leaderbut ability wise not much there. Just like Brian Gayle a clobber....but cause we will miss him, he scares people and you need a player like that in your side....radical changes are required macabe to go, take the very well paid yes man birch with him....sack owners that actually have some sort of ambition and business plan, and bring in O'Driscoll and all his back room staff at donny!!! SORTED!! Failing that welcome to league 1 guys because thats where we are going.....I'll have great satisfaction saying told you so....Macabes taking us down....then will sell us further down the river when that happens as he will have no intention or admiration of bouncing straight back up at the first attempt....But wheyyyy macabes a saint isn't he glouc...the guy that can do no wrong...lets see eh!!! FFS what a joke we are!!
As always you miss the point and make up your own facts. Monty had a good season last year, I was the first to praise him for what he did, limited as he is, I am not arguing that, the point is that Monty is NOT a captain, isnt a leader on the pitch and doesnt begin to compare with Morgan. And the point about McCabe isnt if you like him or not, it is that if he decides to let the mindless minority drive him out, he will want his 35m back. Even you can work out what happens to the club if that were to happen. Of course McCabe has made mistakes, the biggest was letting the same minority drive Warnock out but he has achieved far more for this club than any previous chairman, fact.
Brian Gayle a clogger? I must have been watching another Brian Gayle. Eddie Colquhoun, Reg Matthewson, Ken Mallender, john McPhail, maybe.
agree on the fact taht he has achieved more as chairman, gayle was a good player never been a clogger and as for loan players as captain - didnt warnock have andy morrison as captain at times? i may be wrong but im sure he had the arm band at times potentially even at hillsborough when asaba scored - couldve been murphy...fact is it doesnt matter if its a loan or not, its who the best person is..

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