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Blades Set to Reward Adams' Valiant Effort?

Port Vale boss Micky Adams is the latest name to be linked with the vacant managerial position at Bramall Lane, after leading Port Vale to the automatic places in League 2.

Adams, who took control of the Valiants as a lower midtable side teetering on the brink of relegation with the boardroom in disarray. However, the former Leicester City and Coventry boss turned around the fortunes of the Staffordshire based club and they're now challenging Chesterfield for top spot in the fourth division.

What Adams does possess is a desire for the Blades, as a boyhood United fan he previously went on record as saying they were the only club he would leave Vale for.

Adams' number two, ex Blade Geoff Horsfield said: 'The gaffer's name is going to be touted around because in 18 months we've gone from the bottom of League Two to the top without spending a great deal of money."

'Micky is a professional, and he has also managed in the Premier League and the Championship with Leicester City and Coventry.

His name was always going to be mentioned in connection with this job, especially as he was born in Sheffield and he's a United fan.

But Micky gets on with the job and, as he's so professional, he won't get unsettled.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Shepsblade Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 15 2010

Time: 10:42AM

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***** me....please no!! he's a lower league manager that can take us forward not backwards
This is just the sort of crap I didn't want to hear, no offence to Adams, after all he is a united fan, but look at his record, he has turned around the fortunes of on club in the bottom league, we need someone better than Adams. Please Birch go over to the Keepmoat.
Stonky Blade
HERE HERE STONKY......Keepmoat is the only place we need to shop whatever it takes, because a drop into league one will cost us a hell of a lot more than 500k it will cost in compo for OD!! a cheap appointment that no one wants will only drive the fans away......brown surely wouldcost double in wages that OD would command, and lets be fair he caused all sorts of problems at the well as wasting masses of money!!....IT HAS TO BE OD!!
I can't disagree about O'Driscoll but I don't hold out any hope whatsoever. Why would he want to join a club in the state we're in? Can anyone tell me when McCabe last showed any imagination, commitment or even got a key decision right? We're in this mess because of one man and one man only. Him and his stand-in Birch will stick to their old ways - cheap and convenient. On that count I'm the perfect replacement because I'll do the job for nowt - we'll probably get relegated but what the hell I won't cost anything. Three or four points from the next 3 games (2 at home) and Carver/Ellis will be deemed a success.
PS - What exactly does Ellis do? He doesn't coach, he doesn't buy players because we don't buy any and he doesn't stand on the touch line. I've heard he is (was) a mate of 'Arry - so was the Walker c*ck-up last season down to him? Furthermore, if things are so tight how come we've got such a top heavy management (not team) structure? The new PLC board is made up of Kevin McCabe (Chairman), Trevor Birch (Chief Executive), Simon McCabe, Scott McCabe, Mike Farnan (Executive Director), Simon Argall (Operations Director), Simon Capper (Finance Director) and Stephen McBride. That's 8 The new football club board has Kevin McCabe (chairman), Chris Steer (deputy chairman), Trevor Birch, Mick Dudley, John Burnley and David Green. That's another additional 4 In addition to that we've got :David Harrop, Finance Director (that's a second one in addition to Simon Capper) plus a Head of Finance, Craig Burns. Then there's Steve Bailey, Major Events Managing Director (when did we last have a major event?). Last but not least Saeed Rehman, Business Centre Director. That's SIXTEEN executives (that's excluding the erstwhile Jason Rocket who is still hanging around - another of McCabe's wonderful appointments!). Let's remember, SUFC is important to us all but in business terms it's relatively small but it has an executive structure bigger than many FTSE 100 companies. If costs need to be cut ...........................................................
I've got a fairly handy record on Football Manager, and I'll do it cheap too Bucks. Together, we could be the dream team. Although, if Vital is anything to go by, I'll only be doing the home games because of work commitments. We can have Glouc as our chief scout because he lives in the south, bladeforlife as our PR man because he's full of positive vibes and TheBladesWay can track down Danny Webber for a return. Sorted!
Excellent post Bucks well done.....everything that i have been saying about macabe is and has come to light....some on here are now realising that....the macabe lovers!!! thats a cracker when macabe was asked about speed on sat and he said it was news to him....the tosser why lie through his bare teeth to the fans.....if the next manager is a cheap option from the lower leagues then the club will lose the fans!!!
no they wont lose the fans...and if people stop going then the club is better off without fair weather fans...the club didnt lose fans when they took lower level warnock did they??? Adams is almost the same as warnock in terms of achievements so its jsut wrong to say we will lose fans...
I don't think they will lose the fans as such, but despite people like Wilder, Howe and Keith Hill being excellent choices, the fans wouldn't get behind them, and they would be slated before the first game.
Which is why when myself and Bucks are offered the position I will kindly turn it down.
bucksblade - That is what is called the gravy train, more people upstairs than on the pitch, that is so bloody wrong, really good post there, we should look at getting it sent to McTurd. Can anyone remember the last time that we the fans actually got the man we really wanted?
Stonky Blade
Well, this is the first positive news… I have not seen him linked with us until now, if he joins us I will happily eat a sock, an old one off a tramp… well perhaps not.,19528,11688_6579404,00.html
Stonky Blade
***** me stonky ive just made a mess in my pants....please please please
gleadless - they didnt lose the fans??? do you call average gates under warnock WHEN HE FIRST JOINED of 9,000 not losing the fans? christ WTF!!!
one game then - and that was at the end of heath....blades dont have moer than a core of 15000 fans and we can get 22 23 when doing well...dont forget average of only 20k when we were in top two 5 years ago....
i hope the sky story is right i would love odriscoll but be aware lads sky do have a tendancy to make stories up so poeple go straight on sky bet and place money...very crafty .. for me first choice o driscoll or then brown adams wilder/howe/hill/poyet
sorry disagree there gleadless
15 years ago I might have agreed gleadless, but now I think we are square with them, if not a few over. 20 at the bottom isn't a bad attendance, if we were going for promotion it would be close to 25. We are a top 20 club if run right, so why are we were we are? Over to you BFL.
Stonky Blade
Pigs I am talking about when talking about "them"...
Stonky Blade
Sheps, time is such a wonderful healer. Come back Danny all is forgiven. I would gladly swap our strike force now for Asaba and Webber!
If McCabe does his usual "cheap and convenient" there will be a FURTHER (because we're losing support already) drop in the gates. However, IF whoever does get the job reverses the decline it's not too late to stop the rot and the gates will climb again. Having said that it's a big IF - only a mug would take the risk with an untried option. So I guess that is what we'll get! . Whoever gets the job has a big problem. Thanks to McCabes mismanagement we are broke. The fans deserve an explanation - despite a season in the Premier League, 2 lots of parachute payments, £18.5m from WHUFC (almost like too more lots of parachute payments), a net gain from transfer fees of what say £10 to £15m, no big names with the associated fees and wages (Beattie is the possible exception) - so how come we have run up so much debt?? Come on McCabe - explain that and why we have such a top heavy executive structure. I don't live in Sheffield and don't catch Football Heaven - one of you guys ring in and pester Seth (whatever his name is) to get McCabe on to explain. Having said that I guess there is no point he'll just pull the "I'm just one of you" routine (b*ll*cks he's a multi-millionairre living in tax exile) and lie through his teeth e.g. prudently run club with £6m debt, Beattie not leaving, knows nothing about Speed leaving etc etc
Stonky we are not a top 20 club - dose of reality time lads its 35-40 years since we were a proper top 20 side...we cant compete with what we see as smaller clubs at all - when we were in prem we wanted steven warnock - we offered him £15k-£20k a week after agreeing transfer with lpool - he went blackburn on £35k! and then villa on £50k! and hes a left back!! we are a million miles away from being a club like that...I would like to know where the debt ahs come from but as i said before weve had players on massive wages - flitcroft, lucketti, horsfield, short, unsworth, akinbiyi, sommeil, sun ji, beattie, naysmith, stead, hendrie, speed, ehigou, hulse, shletonplus robson and blackwell - really big wages adn when the ones we sold left, we often had to pay people off as they went elsewhere on less obviously theres more to it but mccabe did back managers we jsut conviently forget it when he's stopped adn wants out - when you look at the article last week comparing squads the wages per week of the swuad two years ago compared to now was need to realise we had a good, got up gambled on getting back up and failed - now we have to pay the price...people forget how much was spent on trying to get and stay there and then up again...Mccabes mistakes simply were 1. in hindsight not sacking warnock when he took them up to have a proper manager in (although no one wanted that but time showed NW wasnt good enough) 2. Appointing Robson then blackwell as poor managers adn 3. the big one ofr me was selling james beattie...Im not defending mccabe and am far from a mccabe lover but people jump off the deep end slagging everyone off now we have no money - weve had it, we ahd the players it just didnt work - so time to get really, rebuild over the next few years and try again....weve had five years of top flight football in twenty - weve no given right to be up there and i just wish people would realise this, stop moaning consistently and get on with our job and support the team and club and hope that we stay up..whoever they bring in get behind them cos we are some of the msot fickle fans ever adn the lane can be an awful place to be playing when we are on everyones cheer up ewveryone! and tbw, no to webber!
what do you call massive wages gleadless?? all the players listed there were *****e andmassive wages? i think is well over the top.....they were all 2 bit players and didnt have a realimpact. stead on massive wages??? i call 40k a week massive wages not 10 - 15k!! IT MAKE ME LAUGH BECAUSE EXACTLLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING SINCE WE LOSSED THE PLAYOFF FINAL HAS ACTUALLY BECOME TRUE TO LIFE.....AFTER ALL THE GRIEF IVE HAD REGARDS TO MACABE BEING A SAINT AND HIM BEING THE BEST CHAIRMAN WE HAVE EVER HAD....ALL I CAN SAYS IS TOLD YOU ALL SO!!!
it doesnt matter what their impact is but wages of 10K-15k are massive for a club like ours ...a fair few of them were on 20k plus - thats a mill a season for several years...when you have 20-25 players earning those wages you suffer when you dont stay up or go up......leeds anyone?bradford...
majority of good championship playersare on at lest 10k a week so again disagree gleadless...a club like ours? what are we a small club in the lower leagues....christ gleadless!!
well we arent big are we! we're not derby, leeds, forest are we
save your breath gleadless ou know bfl cant add up or have any understanding of numbers.
Gleadless - do the maths. Beattie was probably on £20k but was probably the only one. Even if we had say 10 players on 15k a week (which I doubt) and say another 15 on £8k a week, the wage bill would be a little over £14m pa. Furthermore, even this generous estimate (I know Walker and Naughton were paid nothing like that) would have only applied for 2 may be 3 seasons. This just doesn't explain how we have run up so much debt when you consider the revenue. I suspect that the truth is McCabe has used the football income to fund some very bad property investments. McCabe could end the speculation by publishing a simplified set of accounts for the fans. As for is mistakes - his first one was under investing in the team whilst we were in the premiership. We can agree to disagree about Warnock. In my view getting rid of him was the mistake. He would have used the WHUFC affair to motivate and drive the squad. I agree about the appointment of Robson but the next mistake was not sacking him sooner. Selling Beattie at the time he sold him was a huge mistake. If he was going to sack Blackwell he should have done it at the end of the previous season. I also have to say that appointing Speed was in retrospect another mistake. Now his biggest two mistakes 1. persistently misleading the fans about the clubs finances, if expectations are too high he's the one to blame 2. what appears to be financial mismanagement.
Chaps this looks like "hope"... Please, I don't get much for Christmas these days but what a present...
Stonky Blade
great spot stonky......please please please make this happen....santa if your a blade this would make every blades fans xmas. im with you on this one stonky. the decision to get o'driscoll in could change the outlook of the club overnight for the better. come on men in suits prove your worth.
and more hope sports now have OD as favourite........,19528,11095_6582235,00.html
sod wants to come, its all about the compo ryan will want to release him. the 250k from wfa will help but ryan will want a lot more than that.
to be honest i dont think it matters at all what ryan want for him if SOD wants to go he will go....doesnt matter how much people harp on about it. Same with players if a player wants to go he will go. Thats our lovely game im afraid. Now way are we guna pay 1m for SOD but he will want to come so ryan will have to come down in his valuation..otherwise whats he going to gain......a manager in the job that doesnt want to be there...ryan carnt aford that. We need SOD but some blades fans are so annoying and they are very small minded make no wonder the club makes silly unambitious decisions all the time.

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